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The development of global markets means that many of our clients do business in different jurisdictions. To respond to the needs of our clients we are members of an international legal group called LAWorld ( Pointon Partners Managing Director Anthony Pointon is the head of LAWorld Asia Pacific and Pointon Partners itself is the Victoria representative. LAWorld is a premier international legal network of almost sixty independent law firms covering most major commercial centers around the world. With more than 1350 lawyers across 100 cities, LAWorld´s mission is to provide clients and other lawyers with instant access to quality local legal advice virtually anywhere in the world.

Our active membership of such an organisation enables us to provide added value to our clients by referring them to a firm in a foreign jurisdiction, safe in the knowledge that our member colleagues have similar levels of service to our own. In particular, all members have broadly based commercial, corporate and business practices with litigation capabilities and can help our clients with issues such as cross border transactions, business migration or international contracts. Like us, our LAWorld colleagues have a strong commitment to the use of the latest technology and have English speaking lawyers who communicate efficiently with us.

Click on the following link to view a short video detailing more information on LAWorld and its mission. Youtube video

For a list of members and international legal updates please visit

Entrepreneurs Organisation – Pointon Partners Legal Sponsors

The EO (Victorian Chapter) is part of a global respected organisation that provides mentoring to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Pointon Partners have been proud to be associated with the EO for the last three years and not only count many of their members as existing and ongoing clients but also are philosophically and strategically aligned to the business carried on by the EO members.

Please see attached a recent presentation given at the EO Retreat at Werribee Mansion on 19th and 20th Feb in which the EO activities are explained along with Pointon Partners involvement.

EO Presentation

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