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Welcome to Pointon Partners Building and Property Law Podcasts

We periodically circulate short-form podcasts to keep our listeners up to date with developments in building and property law.

Podcast #17 – 6 May 2020

“…..purchasers under a contract of sale of land are held to have validly cooled off (0.52), a landlord fails in an attempt to bring a lease to an end after non-compliance with its obligations at the exercise of an option to renew (4.19), an owner and a builder unwittingly fundamentally alter their rights under a building contract (8.29), the Supreme Court dismisses an attack on a rental determination under a commercial tenancy (12.01)….

and what these cases mean from a risk management perspective (15.31)….”

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Podcast #16 – 27 February 2020

“…..a builder fails in his claim to apportion defective building works against a previous owner (0.56), a retail landlord’s right to a market rent review is upheld despite initiating the review out of time (3.08), a builder successfully defends a claim to reconstruct a fence placed in the wrong position (7.05), the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court orders a real estate agent to pay 100% of the damages suffered by a tenant who was injured in a fall (10.04)….

and our new feature, what these cases mean from a risk management perspective (13.43)…”

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Podcast #15 – 29 January 2020

…a claim against a domestic building insurer fails (1.00), an owner is granted leave to join a design engineer and building surveyor to a VCAT claim without a compliant DBDRV certificate (3.56), a builder’s claim for payment for a non-compliant variation fails before VCAT (6.50), a dispute between an owner and a builder about contractual interpretation is decided in favour of an owner (11.33),

and our new feature, what these cases mean from a risk management perspective (16.41)….

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Podcast #14 – 17 December 2019

…..legislation for the subrogation of rights for cladding rectification (0.48), VCAT rules against a builder seeking a final payment claim (3.01), the County Court decides in favour of a subcontractor under the Security of Payment Act (4.48), a landlord reasonably withholds consent to an assignment of lease (7.28)…..

and our new feature: what these cases mean to industry from a risk management perspective (10.02)…..

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Podcast #13 – 8 November 2019

“…a builder’s claim for an injunction to prevent disciplinary action for combustible cladding fails (0.46), an owners corporation is prevented from levying fees to recoup a payout to apartment owners (4.04), and VCAT sets aside two rental determinations in as many days (5.20 & 8.48)….”

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Podcast #12 – 25 October 2019

“…..an application to remove a caveat in a development dispute succeeds (0.51), two apartment owners are exempted from a requirement to carry domestic building insurance (4.13), commencing a claim in DBDRV is held not to be the commencement of a building action for the purposes of a limitation period (8.21), and a claim for unconscionable conduct against a landlord under the Retail Leases Act fails (11.36).…”

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Podcast #11 – 15 October 2019

“…a restrictive covenant is modified by the Supreme Court (0.44), the High Court overrules VCAT and the Supreme Court on owner requested variations (4.09), a bankrupt unsuccessfully maintains a caveat (7.08), and a purchaser of land is held to be in default (9.28)….”

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Podcast #10 – 2 October 2019

“…an determination under the Security of Payment Act is set aside (0.47), the Supreme Court overrules VCAT in relation to late exit from the Retail Leases Act (2.52), a settlement offer providing for mutual releases complies with s. 112 of the VCAT Act (5.00), and VCAT decides against tenant in a claim for unconscionable conduct under the Retail Leases Act (7.34)…”

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Podcast #9 – 26 September 2019

“…..a multi-million dollar developer claim is rejected by the Court of Appeal (0.42), a  successful application to remove a caveat (3.48), an adjudication review under the Security of Payments Act fails (5.43), and guarantors under a retail lease are held liable (8.40)…”

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Podcast #8 – 16 September 2019

“…..further changes to the environment protection legislation (0.43), an eleventh hour attempt to prevent a mortgagee’s auction is unsuccessful (2.12), an encroachment affecting a contract for sale of land is decided against a purchaser (4.42), and a local Council successfully declares a corridor of land between neighbouring properties to be a road (7.11)….”

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