Our nationally recognised expert tax team has extensive international and domestic tax experience and commercial experience. This combined expertise ensures a seamless approach to commercial transactions, which best maximises our client’s objectives.  Our team is also highly experienced in tax audits, objections and tax litigation.

Commercial Transactions – mergers, acquisitions, structuring, restructuring and succession planning

  • Capital gains tax (CGT) issues, including small business concessions, rollovers and concessions
  • Employee v Contractor
  • Duty and corporate reconstruction relief
  • Corporate dividends and trust distributions, Division 7A
  • Employee share schemes, options and fringe benefits
  • Goods and services tax (GST) issues, including going concern exemption and GST groups
  • Payroll tax grouping
  • Consolidation of corporate groups, including tax sharing agreements

Property Transactions

  • Capital and income / revenue account dichotomy, including land banking and trading stock issues
  • GST issues, including going concern, farm land exemptions and margin scheme
  • Duty on land transfers and other dutiable transactions
  • Acquisitions of interests in landholders
  • Acquisitions by foreign purchasers
  • Land tax
  • Duty and land tax exemptions and concessions

High net worth individuals

  • Tax planning
  • Asset protection
  • Succession planning

International expansion and ex-pat issues

  • Outbound expansion
  • Inbound investment

Audits, investigations and objections

  • International tax audit, Small Business Commission audits, tax agent reviews and other.

Tax litigation

  • Federal and State taxes
  • Federal Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Supreme Courts (Victoria and New South Wales).
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