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Date:December 13, 2012

Intellectual Property

At Pointon Partners we understand the importance of securing protection of your intellectual property rights. Intellectual Property has become one of the most integral and valued assets of any business in today’s market. Such assets are an important means of maintaining goodwill with your client and forms an integral part of the marketing strategies for your goods and services.

Trade Marks

As a recognised firm of Trade Mark Attorneys our team are able to assist in trade mark applications for your business in Australia and internationally including detailed searches of the trade marks register and drafting of trade mark applications. We also have significant experience in defending and lodging trade mark oppositions as well as maintaining protection of your trade mark. This includes enforcing and defending trade mark infringement claims and negotiating settlements with infringing parties as well as litigation and court proceedings on trade mark infringement matters. We have successfully acted on a number of trade mark oppositions and infringement cases for clients in various industries.

Domain Names

Our firm are able to assist you with conducting searches and registering your preferred domain name and we have experience in website and online intellectual property matters including website agreements.


Our firm can assist in advising businesses on the protection of their copyright. Our experience includes the enforcement of copyright rights of literary works, fashion designs, multimedia programs and education programs. Our firm is also able to assist in implementing proper copyright protection measures including drafting assignment of copyright agreements and confidentiality agreements and acknowledgements.


If you have a product that you wish to protect under the designs system then our firm can assist you with your design application. We have a detailed understanding of the designs system and will assist in undertaking searches of the designs register and lodging your application, together with maintaining your design and enforcing your design rights.


Our firm can assist in undertaking searches of the patent register in Australia and internationally to assist with your patent application. We also have experience in attending to the resolution of patent disputes.

Assignment and Licensing

Our firm understands that intellectual property is an extremely valuable asset to your business and measures must be implemented to effectively protect your rights. We can assist in drafting and negotiating agreements to assign or licence your intellectual property, including the negotiation of distribution and supply agreements and joint ventures.