We have considerable experience in acting for charities and not for profit bodies, including establishing a number of charities.

We are very proud to be associated with the Eyes for Africa Charitable Foundation. We have acted for the Foundation since its establishment in 2007 and have provided pro bono legal services to it throughout that period. One of our partners, Michael Bishop, is a committee member and Secretary of the Foundation. By raising funds in Australia to send its own medical teams to Ethiopia the Foundation has been able to restore sight to hundreds of men, women and children in remote villages in Ethiopia who otherwise would have likely remained blind for the rest of their lives. For further information on the Eyes for Africa Charitable Foundation or to make a donation please feel free to contact our office or go to www.eyesforafrica.org

Our firm members have also made many successful applications for the higher classification of public benevolent institution status from a revenue perspective including the earlier classification of the Victorian Country Fire Authority due to its significant volunteers contribution and were also involved in the key decision analyzing that area in the federal court decision of FCT v Navy Health . We have also assisted in advising on the Federal and State issues arising from that classification

Our background in the charities and not for profits sector means that we are in a position to advise on or assist with:

  • Possible legal structures to use for establishment of a new charity
  • Preparation of charitable trust deeds
  • Preparation of governing rules for incorporated associations
  • Establishment of private ancillary funds
  • Establishment of public ancillary funds
  • Applying for registration with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission
  • Applying for income tax exemption
  • Applying for endorsement as a Deductible Gift Recipient
  • AusAid requirements ( if the charity is to operate offshore)
  • Complying with the regulatory requirements of the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission
  • Applying for registration under the Fundraising Act (Vic)

If you wish to establish a charity or require advice in relation to an existing charity with which you are involved or the possibility of that charity being classified as a public benevolent institution then please do not hesitate to contact Michael Bishop, Anthony Pointon, Ted Vlahos and Laszlo Konya.