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Project DO IT: Disclose Offshore Income Today

Project DO IT: Disclose Offshore Income Today Project DO IT is an initiative to allow Australian taxpayers to disclose offshore income, that has been previously unreported, and remains assessable by the Tax Office. To incentivise taxpayers to voluntarily disclose, the Tax Office is offering to significantly relax penalties that would apply if the offshore income [...]

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Conveyancing and Property Development

There can be no doubting that purchasing or developing property is an exciting time. However, both activities involve significant investment (potentially the biggest of your lifetime) and there are many pitfalls you need to avoid to ensure your investment is sound. Pointon Partners’ are able to assist you to ensure that you purchase or develop [...]

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Small Business CGT – Passing the Threshold Tests

© Anthony Pointon 2014 Disclaimer: The material and opinions in this paper are those of the author and not those of The Tax Institute. The Tax Institute did not review the contents of this paper and does not have any view as to its accuracy. The material and opinions in the paper should not be [...]

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Director Appointments and Issues – Client Check

Questions: Yes No Did you know… Directors are personally liable for company liabilities incurred whilst the company is insolvent? Directors are personally liable for PAYG withholdings that remain unpaid and unreported within 3 months of them becoming due? Directors are personally liable for superannuation that remains unpaid and unreported within 3 months of it becoming [...]

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Family Arrangements

  Questions: Yes No Does your family have any assets that are jointly owned? Have loans between family members been documented? Does your will consider loans that have been made to or by family members? Do you have a Family Constitution to govern family dealings? Do you operate a family business? Have you dealt with [...]

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General Personal Litigation

Questions: Yes No Are you a company director? Is your address registered with ASIC up to date? Are you aware of director’s personal liabilities? Are you aware of your duties as a director pursuant to the Corporations Laws? Are you employed? Are you having a dispute with your employer? Have you informed your insurer of [...]

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Probate & Testator's Family Maintenance Claims

Probate In Victoria, probate is the process of officially proving a will as the last will of the deceased and registering such will with the Supreme Court of Victoria. Probate is the court’s official recognition that the will is legally valid, and the executor(s) is authorised to deal with the deceased’s estate. The main objective [...]

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Legal Health Check

We often see businesses suffer or not grow to their full potential because the legal health of the business is inadequate. What is the legal health of a business?  It is simply the adequacy of the legal structures, policies, procedures and systems that a business has in place. Just like your personal health, the early [...]

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Employee – Contracts and Disputes

This checklist has been designed to help you consider and understand your employment conditions and entitlements. Questions: Yes No Do you know the full legal name of your employer? Do you know your job title and what work you are required to perform? Do you know the name of the award or agreement covering your [...]

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