Over the last decade we have acted extensively for clients in the logistics industry. This includes work for freight brokers, freight forwarders (international & domestic), transport companies and warehousing providers. We are also able to assist customers of these types of service providers if such customers require specialist advice concerning negotiation of and entry into agreements with logistics providers.

Our deep experience of the logistics industry means that we are well placed to assist with:

  • Preparation of standard terms and conditions of trade for transport companies / freight solutions providers
  • Preparation of Service Level Agreements with key customers
  • Preparation of Warehouse Agreements
  • Preparation of carrier agreements between transport carriers and freight brokers
  • Advice on chain of responsibility obligations
  • Advice on rights arising under the Warehousemans Liens Act
  • Preparation of Contractor / employment agreements for drivers
  • Structuring of incentivisation arrangements for executives and sales staff
  • Preparation of employment agreements for support staff
  • Compliance with workplace awards
  • Intellectual property protection & enforcement
  • Acquisition of logistics businesses
  • Sale of logistics businesses
  • Preparation of Shareholders agreements
  • Debt recovery in respect of non paying customers
  • Contractual disputes with customers or suppliers
  • Commercial leasing arrangements, including for warehouse space
  • Disputes with former employees
  • Compliance with the Australian Competition & Consumer Act
  • Asset protection, in respect of both business assets and the personal assets of the proprietors

If you require any advice or assistance in any of the above please contact Michael Bishop, David Mazzeo and Anthony Pointon.