Revisiting Early Commercial decisions in COVID-19 and the Law

Commercial decisions caused by COVID-19 have led to many early decisions being driven by real or perceived income and cash flow concerns without a clear consideration of the applicable laws. If this has happened it is recommended that the law is now looked at in respect of these past decisions [...]

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Victorian Regulations Affecting Commercial Leases During COVID-19 Finally Released (4 May 2020)

New Victorian Regulations designed to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic on “eligible leases” in Victoria have finally been released. They shall apply retrospectively from 29 March 2020. A Mandatory Code was announced by the Federal Cabinet in April 2020, but this contained high level “leasing principles” only [...]

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PM Announces Details of Mandatory Code of Conduct for Commercial Leases: COVID-19 UPDATE (8 April 2020)

The Prime Minister announced yesterday the introduction of The Mandatory Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code sets out a series of guidelines for negotiated solutions to financial distress caused by the COVID-19 crisis in the commercial leasing context. It addresses, among other things, tenant relief eligibility requirements, mandatory rent [...]

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Commercial Lease COVID-19 Update (30 March 2020): PM announces 6 month moratorium on termination of commercial leases, urges landlords and tenants to renegotiate lease terms

Following our previous update on the escalating COVID-19 situation in the commercial lease context, the Prime Minister has just announced a 6 month moratorium on termination of commercial and residential tenancies for non-payment of rent. There have also been additional reports today that Banks will allow commercial landlords with loans [...]

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Commercial & Retail Leases in the COVID-19 Environment – Tips for Tenants & Landlords

Just like many other sectors, retail and commercial tenants and landlords are currently under pressure and desperate to know what their options are in the current COVID-19 crisis. There have been reports that the Victorian Government will shortly announce the introduction of new legislation relating to rent relief for tenants dealing [...]

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COVID-19 Newsletter Update

From a legal perspective, the COVID-19 virus has raised substantial questions in relation to a range of issues across multiple sectors of industry. Some of those issues relate to insurance and the impact on contractual obligations under leases, building contracts, property transactions and supply contracts, cyber-security, employer-employee relations, the privacy [...]

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Corona-virus and the Implications for the Workplace

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the globe, employers are grappling with how best to protect and manage their employees in these very unusual circumstances. Pointon Partners has the expertise to assist your business as you deal with these difficult  issues against a backdrop of uncertainty. Listed below are [...]

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AMP Changes to BOLR Policy

We are very aware that the changes to the BOLR Policy announced by AMP on 8 August 2019 have created considerable uncertainty for AMP financial planners.  Those changes consist of reducing the 4x multiple of recurring revenue to 2.5x and also reducing and ultimately phasing out the multiple applicable to [...]

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A Health Check on Your Privacy Obligations

If you or your business are deemed a “health service” provider and hold “health information” for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”), then you need to be aware of your obligations under the Privacy Act and in particular the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles which are [...]

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