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Date:December 13, 2012

Taxation Law

Taxation considerations are of paramount importance for all businesses &  individuals. By providing commercially astute taxation advice and strategies, we assist our clients in successfully navigating and complying with Australia’s complex taxation laws and regulatory system.


Our firm advises on a range of tax issues affecting complex restructures and commercial transactions. Pointon Partners’ tax team have extensive commercial and tax experience, and this combined expertise ensures a seamless approach to commercial structuring which best maximises client objectives.

Anthony Pointon is a prominent Melbourne commercial law practitioner who offers pragmatic and intelligent advice to a wide range of business clients. These clients are generally businesses that can be classified as small to medium (including public companies listed and unlisted on the ASX) that range in turnover from one million dollars to one-hundred million dollars. Anthony is a well respected and sought after commentator on Australian taxation matters and frequently advises the Chartered Accountants and Certified Practising Accountants on complex taxation matters.

Pointon Partners can assist in all stages of business development. From the early stages of establishing the business and initial planning, through to strengthening the business and assisting with restructuring and business succession issues, Pointon Partners can provide expert and timely taxation advice on key issues that affect your commercial transaction.

Our team of experts draw from a wealth of experience in advising privately-owned businesses and listed companies on issues such as corporate distributions, Division 7A issues, business succession, CGT, stamp duty and GST. Our forward-thinking tax advice anticipates any pitfalls, and places your business in the best possible position for growth maximisation.

Our expertise extends to the following taxation issues: capital gains tax (including advising on the applicability of the small business CGT concessions), stamp duty, GST issues, trusts, partnerships and superannuation. We advise on all aspects of commercial transactions, including CGT exemptions and rollovers, stamp duty, land tax, international tax, Division 13A Employee Shares Schemes, transfer of intellectual property and goodwill.

We additionally provide assistance in international tax issues for emerging businesses that wish to expand offshore.

Personal Taxation Issues

We assist our clients in tax disputes with the ATO, through negotiation, drafting Notices of Objections to unfavourable ATO assessments conducting AAT and Federal Court Appeals, and general regulation with the Tax Office requirements.

Stamp Duty

Our firm provides advice on the following:
• Identification and application for stamp duty exemptions where applicable, including assistance in respect of interstate issues;
• Assessing stamp duty upon transactions, relevant to Victoria and other states; and
• Objection appeals.

Small Business CGT Concessions

We have specific expertise in evaluating the applicability of the small business CGT concessions to privately-owned businesses in sale of asset and sale of business transactions. These concessions enable your business or significant individuals in your business to reduce their capital gains tax liability when selling the business. We are able to evaluate the needs of your business and advise on the applicability of the small business CGT concessions, and whether the thresholds are met.

Employment Taxes

We assist clients in Workcover premium advice through liaising with Workcover premium specialists regarding the classification of work topics.
We advise on payroll tax issues, including grouping provisions, the identification of assessable payroll tax, and assistance in respect of interstate issues and objection appeals.


Pointon Partners can establish superannuation funds and related documentation, such as superannuation instalment warrants.
One of our recent achievements involved advising and drafting the first superannuation instalment warrant documentation for a major national bank.

Taxation Documentation

Pointon Partners provides a range of taxation documentation for their clients, including Division 7A Loan Agreement which are available in a licensed form, and company grouping documentation. Other forms of documentation can also be provided upon request.