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Date:December 13, 2012


There is nothing more important to us than servicing the legal needs and requirements of our individual clients and their families.

Our lawyers have vast experience in assisting individuals, families, and family businesses with all their personal law needs.

Wills and Estate Planning

Our firm has specific experience in drafting wills for different categories of persons, taking into consideration your individual circumstances. We anticipate possible scenarios that may arise, through drafting wills specific to your interests and needs. For instance, the inclusion of guardianship clauses for husband and wife wills, and wills that ensure protection from creditors for business executives. Our extensive experience and forward-thinking approach ensures your estate planning is secure.

We also specifically advise on estate planning issues, and can establish tax-effective wills which best maximises your tax position. For instance, we commonly establish testamentary trust wills, which allows for effective distribution of income and ensures protection from creditors.

Our approach to succession planning takes into consideration the assets held in your own name, superannuation funds, trust deeds, life insurance and other assets.

We also draft Powers of Attorney, both financial and medical, taking into consideration your wishes.

Probate and Family Maintenance Applications

We can assist in probate applications for executors of deceased estates, letters of administration and assist with any outstanding transfers of property from the deceased estates. We additionally assist with family testators mainte- nance claims and Part IVA applications.

Asset protection

We provide specific advice on asset protection strategies in commercial transactions, transfers of property, restructures, spousal and other disputes, taking into consideration the relevant legislation. Our thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law and the relevant legislation enables us to advise you of any anticipated problems which may arise.

Business Succession

In addition to personal succession issues, we specifically advise on business succession issues and provide taxation and commercial advice on restructures. We can assist with drafting business succession documentation, including Business Succession Agreements and other related documentation. Our extensive commercial experience ensures that you are well advised of the main transitional issues and ensures that the business’ future is secure.