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Date:December 12, 2012

Information Technology

The rapid changes in technology in the information age means that we must be capable of providing the latest legal advice to ensure our clients remain competitive and efficient. Our goal is to provide not only legal, but also strategic advice to our clients.

IT and Multimedia Agreements

We can provide you with advice on e-commerce issues, contracts, negotiation and management of disputes.

Internet Law and Websites

Our firm is capable of assisting you with website hosting and development agreements, website terms and conditions and privacy policies. Further, we have experience in domain name disputes.

Licensing Agreements

We can assist our clients with intellectual property licensing, technology licensing, technical assistance agreements and research & development agreements.

Business Structuring and Commercialisation

The influences on the choice of business structures are many. We adopt the number of key “factual” issues that need to be identified in respect of a client’s requirements for their structures.

We are able to assist in negotiating and drafting agreements relating to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or franchising and provide commercial agreements relating to the exploitation or securing of intellectual property rights in Australia and internationally.