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Date:December 13, 2012

Employment Law

Our lawyers remain at the forefront of the ever changing Employment law, meeting the needs of employers and employees alike by providing expert advice and tailoring commercial solutions to all complex problems.

Employment Contracts

Our firm has wide-ranging experience in negotiating, drafting, reviewing and providing practical advice on the interpretation of employment contracts for diverse clientele. We are able to provide tailored advice depending on who we are advising by taking into account the specific business needs for employers and also the individual needs of an employee.
We are also able to assist in implementing and incorporating into contracts employee share schemes which can help employers in retaining key employees.

Employment Policies

Our firm understands the importance of having clear and well constructed internal policies and we are able to advise on the creation and practical implementation of policies relating to equal opportunity, harassment, parental leave, long service leave, email and internet use, occupational health and safety, performance management, grievance and disciplinary procedures and termination of employment. We also provide regular updates to keep clients informed of changes to the law.

Confidentiality and Restrictive Covenants

Our firm has extensive experience in providing practical advice in relation to these issues including the enforcement of contractual obligations such as restraints of trade and the return of confidential information.
We place an emphasis on identifying and devising strategies to best meet our clients’ objectives.

Discrimination, Harassment and Unfair Dismissal

Our firm is able to assist clients in preventing, investigating and effective handling of complaints in the workplace particularly in relation to harassment and bullying. We provide practical, accessible, responsive and effective advice.

Our firm has available a Dismissal Handbook to guide employers through what can often be a challenging time. The Handbook includes a Dismissal Checklist, tips on what evidence employers should keep and a number of precedents to assist employers in providing warnings as well as advising an employee that their employment has been terminated for performance related issues, misconduct or redundancy.

We have successfully acted in a number of unfair dismissal and discrimination matters in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the FairWork Commission and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

If you require a copy of the Dismissal Handbook or you need advice on a specific employment related matter please contact Michael Bishop or Amelita Hensman.