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Date:December 13, 2012


Capital Raisings

Our firm can assist you with initial public offerings (IPOs), venture capital, private equity raisings and other public and private capital raisings. Our comprehensive services include advice in relation capital raising structures, due diligence, drafting of capital raising and investor documentation and obtaining all necessary listing approvals and other required approvals from the relevant authorities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions of listed and unlisted public companies. We have successfully assisted in negotiating and implementing business acquisitions in various industries, including extensive experience in the resources sector. We have a dedicated team of partners to advise on corporate takeovers and ACCC compliance and an enthusiastic team of lawyers with strong commercial and drafting skills to ensure that your transactions are completed in a professional and effective manner.

Corporate Advisory

We provide a full range of corporate advisory services in respect of the ‘ASX Corporate Governance Principles, Guidelines and Recommendations’, ASX Listing Rules, public company takeovers, takeovers panel disputes and corporate obligations generally under the Corporations Act. We provide expertise in annual accounts and corporate disclosures, shareholder and ASX communications, AGMs and shareholder meeting advice, employee share and option plans, corporate governance, company constitutions, senior executive and director remuneration issues, directors and executives indemnities and D&O insurance, share buy- backs, capital reductions and reorganisations and other structural share issues.

Foreign Owned Subsidiaries

We provide a range of legal services to the Australian based subsidiaries of international companies. We assist these international companies and their Australian subsidiaries with establishing a business presence in Australia, carrying out mergers with and acquisitions of other Australian companies and their assets, advice in relation to Australia’s foreign investment rules and Foreign Investment Review Board notification requirements, advice in relation to financial reporting requirements for Australian companies with international holding companies, and assist such clients to meet the ASIC lodging requirements for foreign owned companies. We also assist international companies and their stakeholders with a range of other Australian legal issues, including the protection of their intellectual property in Australia and compliance with Australia’s taxation laws.

Corporate Regulatory Compliance

Our firm regularly assists our corporate clients with meeting their compliance obligations under the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules. This includes assisting corporate clients with such matters as regulatory filings required by ASIC and the ASX, financial reporting obligations, meeting continuous disclosure requirements, advice on compliance with corporate constitutions, responding to ASIC and ASX enquiries and seeking Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rule waivers and modifications.

Company Secretarial

We can also assist our corporate clients with their company secretarial requirements, including ongoing regulatory filings, company register management, documenting share transactions, changes in company officeholders, preparing notices of meetings and drafting resolutions, board and member meetings, drafting company minutes and public company announcements.