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Jim Robinson

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Jim Robinson


Jim has practised since 1975 and is a well-known and respected practitioner. He specialises in commercial disputes, insolvency, corporation law, Wills, probate disputes, and administrative law.

He appears as counsel before all State and Federal Courts, at disciplinary enquiries of statutory authorities, and at VCAT. He is a member of the Administrative Law, Health Law, Mediation and Tort Law Commissions of the International of Association of Lawyers (UIA). He is an office bearer of UIA, and was a member of the Governing Board 2000-2008.

Jim has acted:

  • For various liquidators and bankruptcy trustees, including Robert Ramsay and Stirling Horne;
  • For the plaintiff in the MMBW Head Office Building Case 1981-83;
  • For the MMBW in other disputes and prosecutions;
  • For the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in commercial litigation and prosecutions related to its insurance contributions scheme;
  • For the Nurse Board of Victoria as its principal legal advisor 1982-2002;
  • For councils and other government bodies in prosecutions and administrative law;
  • For dissident former members of the BLF in litigation that ran from 1994-2001. During this, he appeared as counsel in the High Court on three occasions;
  • For several companies within the Nilsen Group;
  • As an adjudicator of disputes under the Building Industry Security of Payment regime;
  • For the late Maria Korp and her daughter

Jim was also an employer-appointed trustee of the Legal Industry Superannuation Scheme (established by the Law Institute of Victoria) from 1994 until 2005, when the fund merged with its New South Wales equivalent. During that time, the funds under management grew from $34M to $250M. In addition, he has acted as trustee of several deceased estates.