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Rosemary McLoughlin

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Rosemary McLoughlin

Property Services Team

Rosemary is head of the Conveyancing Team at Pointon Partners. Rosemary commenced working with Nicholas Brand in 1995 and has been an integral member of his team for almost two decades.

Rosemary has extensive experience in property and commercial law. She has successfully completed thousands of domestic conveyancing transactions, and in recent years has expanded her practice to incorporate complex commercial property work.

Rosemary’s broad skill base enables her to deal with all aspects of property transactions, including:

  • Commercial developments;
  • Large scale subdivisions;
  • Off the plan purchases;
  • Mortgage documentation;
  • Water rights issues;
  • Leases; and
  • Caveats.

Rosemary’s outstanding organisational and technical skills, together with her reliability and warm and friendly nature, have gained her a loyal client following, which continues to expand through regular recommendations and referrals from happy clients.