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Felicity Cara-Carson

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Felicity Cara-Carson

Associate Director

Felicity Cara-Carson is an Associate Director at Pointon Partners practising in Commercial, Intellectual Property and Personal Law matters. She is also a registered trade marks attorney.

She was previously a partner at a commercial law firm and has acted for and provided advice to a range of clients, from individuals and smaller businesses through to large organisations and entities, in a variety of industries and sectors including the retail, service, fashion and entertainment sectors.

Felicity’s Expertise Includes:

  • commercial and business agreements and transactions including sale and purchase of business
  • intellectual property & information technology transactions and agreements
  • Australian and international trade mark registration, prosecution, protection and advisory work
  • entertainment law matters and
  • estate planning.

Felicity has attained the following academic qualifications:

She completed her Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne, and also holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree, Bachelor of Arts degree and Graduate Diploma in Arts (Asian Studies).

She is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria, the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ) and The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA).  She has also previously been involved in the LIV’s Intellectual Property and Information Technology Committee, and has been a director on the Board of Governance of a not-for-profit Association.