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Management of Kindergartens – Navigating a legal minefield

Kindergartens in Victoria have to comply with a myriad of legislative obligations which can seem a minefield for the unsuspecting parent volunteer who finds themselves on a Committee of Management. Pointon Partners works with Kindergartens, Early Years Managers (formerly known as cluster managers) and education professionals and can guide understanding [...]

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2017 LIV Fun Run

Each year, hundreds of legal professionals and law students gather in Melbourne and take to the LIV track. This year our own Michael Bishop won the 8km run. We are very proud of his achievement and congratulate him on the win. Authors [...]

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Employee/Contractor Checklist

The classification of workers as employees or contractors at common law is a continuing conundrum in various areas, including PAYG withholding, superannuation guarantee, payroll tax and general employment law. Many working arrangements are not black and white, and it is necessary to examine them closely to identify the factors indicating an [...]

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Consumer watchdog on the hunt for unfair terms in B2B contracts

The recent decision by the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) in ACCC v JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd[1] is expected to empower small businesses to negotiate terms of standard form contracts.  It also serves as a timely reminder for large businesses to review their standard form contracts and practices.The Australian [...]

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Potential liability of franchisors and holding companies for breach of workplace laws – Vulnerable workers legislation commences

Extended liability for franchisors and holding companies Recently, the Fair Work Act has undergone a number of amendments as a result of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017. Importantly, the amendment introduced new accessorial liability provisions that will apply from the 27 October 2017.[1] The new provisions [...]

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