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Variations to the plan of subdivision – Are you jeopardising your presales?

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Securing presales is a critical aspect of any property development project – but that’s only half the battle. The trick is making sure they settle. Long construction lead times and project delays mean settlement may not occur until up to several years after a purchaser signs a c
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When is unauthorised use of a trade mark not an infringement of the trade mark owner’s rights?

The owner of a registered trade mark has an exclusive right to use that trademark. But what happens when you use a trade mark without the permission of the trade mark owner? The Trade Marks Act provides protection to users of a trade mark in limited circumstances where their use does
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Managing Settlement Risk

Ted Vlahos, Director at Pointon Partners, writes about managing settlement risk in high-volume, off-the-plan transactions in the current property development market. This article was recently published on page 6 in Marshall White’s newsletter. MW Project Market Newsletter_E10_V9
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