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Abandonment of Employment

Abandonment of employment arises where for an unreasonable period of time an employee is absent from work or fails to return to work after a period of authorised leave without communicating or providing the employer any valid reason for the absence. Recent case law has clarified that,
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Are You Being Genuine? Small Business Roll-Over Relief For “Genuine” Restructures

Under the Small Business Restructure Roll-over (Div 328-G) , which was introduced to much fanfare last year, small business owners are allowed to change the legal structure of their businesses without incurring a capital gains tax liability to a trust, provided that the economic owner
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High Court Provides Guidance On When Employers Will Be Held Liable For Offences Committed By Their Employees

The recent decision of the High Court of Australia (‘the HCA’) in Prince Alfred College Incorporated v ADC [2016] HCA 37 has shed some light on when employers will be held vicariously liable for the criminal acts of their employees and, in particular, acts involving sexual assault. Ba
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Pointon Partners launches “game changing” e-contract signing and exchange platform: Off the plan sales made simple, fast and cost effective

Pointon Partners has launched a new electronic contract signing and exchange platform for its property developer clients that significantly simplifies and speeds up the contract exchange process, and saves them money as well. According to Pointon Partners’ director in charge of proper
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