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Just Group Ltd’s Broad Restraint of Trade Struck Out

Australian retail giant Just Group Ltd (JGL) is licking its wounds after the Supreme Court of Victoria refused to enforce the broad restraint of trade contained in the employment contract of a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Just Group Limited v Nicole Peck [2016] VSC 614, which for employersbrings to bear the difficulties faced in [...]

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Copyright Held to be ‘Precious’

Copyright owners will welcome the recent decision of the Federal Court in Tolkien Estate Limited v Saltalamacchia [2016] FCA 944, where the estate of famous author J. R. R. Tolkien was awarded a smorgasbord of remedies for infringement of its copyright. Copyright generally Copyright is a statutory right under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (‘the [...]

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Ex-employer Enforces Confidentiality Obligations

The Federal Court has awarded damages and nearly $200,000 in costs against an ex-employee who failed to comply with post-employment obligations.  Justice Moshinsky’s recent decision in SAI Global Property Division Pty Limited v Johnstone [2016] FCA 1333 encompassed employee duties and the commerciality of aggrieved employers pursuing breaches. Facts Liam Johnstone, a business development manager, [...]

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LAWORLD conference in Jinan

At the recent LAWorld Conference held in Ji Nan City in China on 18th November 2016, Pointon Partners’  Managing Director, Anthony Pointon organised and chaired the Conference.  The main topic for discussion was “outbound investment from China” and this was presented as a component of the important One-Belt, One-Road 一带一路 initiative.  Representatives from Government departments, industry [...]

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Chemist Warehouse’s Claim For Misleading and Deceptive Conduct Dismissed

The recent decision in Verrocchi v Direct Chemist Outlet Pty Ltd [2016] FCAFC 104 by the Full Bench of the Federal Court of Australia (‘the FCA’) has clarified the protection afforded to the reputation of goods and services in circumstances where misleading or deceptive conduct is claimed to have arisen. Background Chemist Warehouse is a [...]

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