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FWC says no to more than one boss!

FWC says no to more than one boss! Independent contractors, those visiting temporarily on secondment, labour hire workers and other ‘non-standard’ workers have no doubt become as prevalent as casual, part-time and full-time employees in modern Australian workplaces. However, while the
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Off-The-Plan Sales Rescission Risk – What Changes To Subdivision Plans Will “Materially Affect” Lots?

In Lockwood v PSP Investments Pty Ltd [2013] VSC 10, the Victorian Supreme Court recently confirmed that an amendment to the plan of subdivision contained in an off-the-plan contract need not be ‘adverse’ or ‘affect rights deleteriously’ to materially affect a lot and give the purchas
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Contemplating tying the knot?

Introduction Naturally, it is not unusual that willmakers will seek to benefit persons they intend to marry under their will. However, amidst guest lists, venues, dance lessons, cakes and flowers, making an appointment to speak with your solicitor about changing your will is not norma
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Insolvency: unreasonable director-related transactions

The Victorian Court of Appeal recently considered s.588FDA of the Corporations Act (the Act) relating to unreasonable director-related transactions: Vasudevan as Liquidator of Wulguru Retail Investments Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) (Wulguru) v Becon Constructions (Australia) Pty Ltd (Beco
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Liquidator impartiality: ASIC v Franklin, Horne and Stone (Liquidators), in the matter of Walton Construction Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) (Company)

ASIC has filed an appeal against the dismissal of a case in which it sought to have liquidators removed on the basis of an apprehension of impartiality: ASIC v Franklin, in the matter of Walton Construction Pty Ltd (in liq) [2014] FCA 68. The appeal has not yet been heard, but it indi
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