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Consulting with Employee prior to Redundancy- Essential Element to Defence of an Unfair Dismissal Claim

All modern awards and enterprise agreements now require an employer to consult with an employee prior to that employee’s position being made redundant. Although such terms were commonly included in agreements prior to 2010, the Fair Work Act 2009 now mandates their inclusion. If an employer does make an employee redundant without consulting the employee, [...]

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Are You Authorised? – Important Update For External Administrators Of Licensees

In recent times, with the various economic and financial pressures impacting on the hospitality industry, it's not uncommon for External Administrators to be appointed to administer Licensees and their Licensed Business. What is often overlooked when an External Administrator is appointed to a Licensee is the protection and continuation of the various licences that are [...]

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New Privacy and Information Laws

On 12 March 2014 there was a significant update made to Australian Privacy and Information Laws, marking a significant change in the way Australian businesses deal with customer data. Please see below a brief guide of major changes.  These include: the Australian Privacy Principles, credit reporting rules, new investigation and increased enforcement powers of the [...]

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Victorian retail leases – Landlords beware: are you providing the right form of disclosure?

Background Leases of retail premises in Victoria are governed by the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic) (Act) and the regulations. The former regulations were replaced by the new Retail Leases Regulations 2013 (Regulations), which took effect in 2013. Introduction of four Disclosure Statements The most significant effect of the new Regulations was to replace the [...]

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